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Where the B’s at!

Fuck we left the time between drinks large enough to start our own brewery! There’s no real answer to the lack of content but that we’re smashed crabs that would rather have a good time and be lazy reminiscing on fond memories rather than hyping some nonsense that didnt go down. We’re dogs hey? Times they are a changing but and we’re gonna be upping the crescendo! Wreck ‘Em is finally getting to a stage where we can start to execute the grand plan, but more on that at a later date. We just stopped by back home to let you brothers know shits going down so maybe increase your anuual check to something a little less between sips.

A few token questions:
Will there be a DVD this year? Yes there certainly will

When are T-Shirts coming? There was a stage where we were getting these done then had to abort mission but i can finally gladly say. We are getting T-Shirts done 100 percent its in motion! We are getting them made within the next fortnight so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

Have you dudes even filmed anything this year? Yes we have! We just recently got back from Formula D asia in Melbs, we went to Winton Matsuri earlier in the year and have been hitting up the odd sly events here and there!

Legit but what have you duders been doing? We have been keeping it real and just doing what we love. I have been getting as much track time as I can which I was carving up that hard at I got invited for a meeting with Boral Concretes finest! Ginga has been busier than ever after starting his new job this year. Attending Winton Matsuri with his blue beast Ginga ran into troubles with the hot rays and cooked his shieeeet, so understandably he bought a boat with our mate Kyle and has been fishing harder then Rex Hunt. Apart from horticultural escapes and attempting driving we have just been slowly making the moves needed to get Wreck ‘Em where we want it.

Here is some vids and flicks to accompany 🙂

Here is one of Mez’s runs from Rad Times

Competing with the gang..

..Couldn’t handle the heat

“How about this beautyyyyyy” Ginga showing who is the Alpha in this.

VB, suit? Nothing but class!

Now i have given you a little run down, its time to get back to business!

P.S If you’re wondering about the feature image…..
Big Daddy Kane
Feels gooood mannnnnn

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  1. 2 legit 2 quit

  2. good shit mez

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