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W.E.R.D – VicDrift Matsuri Edition

I got invited down to VicDrift’s Matsuri the other weekend to come talk some solid shit on the Mic. I don’t quite think commentary is needed at a Matsuri type event, but i was thankful for the opportunity none the less as it allowed me to come hang with some of the Wreck ‘Em crew and have a blast!
We haven’t done a Wreck ‘Em Run Down (W.E.R.D) in quite some time, so with Jack from the Hit & Run Drift club hooking us up with some Sony Action Cams (which in turn was hooked up by Tony at Sony) we thought we better get them cranking again! Thanks once again Jack and Tony, we love the versatility of these cams!

W.E.R.D Matsuri Edition from Mez on Vimeo.

Catch you guys at Calder March 30th where i will be commentating once again at VicDrifts Drift Attack! We will also be filming the practice day Saturday so hopefully we have something gnarly for you guys!

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