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The Premiere Low Down!!

Well it is a few days late. But I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out!
The turn out exceeded well and truly beyond my expectations, with DVDs being sold out before the movie had even started!!
I am not too good with words so these pictures will paint a better portrait of the night! Once again thanks to JDM Garage and Moonah Auto Salvage
as well as all those who helped out! Wreck ‘Em has massive plans for 2011 with tickets to Japan already being booked…

We had 3 screens showing the movie at the same time, due to the turn out. Here shows the viewing area of 1 screen.

Good times!

Robo and I

Glenny pumped about his copy of Wreck Em!

Tayno about to “Run Straight”


The night turned out perfect, afterwards a few of us trekked onto the casino to finish the night off. But the night couldnt be finished with out some late night snacking.

Pictures provided by:
Hughesy –


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