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VIDEO: Drifting In Japan

What is up gang?

Its not often you can just cruise on down to your local J land and just go film some streeto, So when that exactly happened on our trip in Japan. I WAS STOKED. But wait things are about to go off the STOKED SCALE.

Shane and Erin from K- Tours took us down to a local meet up on a Friday night at a Lawsons Convenience store. The vast range of dope cars about was awesome and to hear that we were going to be watching them drift later was even more doper.
Sure enough the drifting begun and as myself and Casey got our film on, I experienced the best conversation with Shane ever! “Do you want to get in car and get some footage from in there?”. Ahhh fuck yes i do brosef. So as i was giving the finger to Casey to show him whose boss i changed to a wide angle on thee ole 60D and sat down and strapped in with one of the MCR drivers. He didn’t speak a lot of English, but who needs conversation when this is the view.

Now unfortunately you are going to have to wait till the end of the year to see all the awesome footage we got.

But fortunately brosef Casey D from shirtstuckedin has uploaded this footage from the night.

Hope you enjoy! Keep an eye on Wreck ‘Em as we slowly give you updates about this years DVD!