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JDM Garage Invitational

Hey everyone,

I recently attended the JDM Garage Invitational which was held on the “Short Track” at Queensland Raceways. Whilst the events classy name the day was a relaxed private day for Erin from JDM Garages friends and customers.

Seen here Ziptying something, Erin was having trouble pulling off entries in his still being built sparkly red R34. The problem was diagnosed as the wheels hitting the castor arms and acting as brakes preventing him from having a clean run.


The day was filled with awesome driving in rad cars!



Tom was tearing it up all day…


Until upon a massive entry his rear tyre popped, sending him straight towards the wall.

The crash..


P.S Photos done by Kristopher Harrison (JustNug)

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Queensland Raceways Drift Matsuri!!

Well after not being able to attend myself I have scored these photos off Facebook to show you guys some of the action that happened over the 2 day event!

As you will begin to see through the various photos, Q.R had 3 tracks on offer to drift lovers! The “Short track” (a.k.a Steves Sunday Sesh Special) The Main track as well as the skidpan!

This is how Nick Russell gets down (No relation to Matt Takumi Tears Russell.)

Have to give love to my boy Nelson Ward. Who after building this beast up is finally back up in the mix!

Robert Tilbury coming up on Dan Rasell

Danny T blazing his 1JZ powered s13 around turn 6, it also appears he did some damage?

Matt Stopel putting his practice from his local tennis court to good use! haha 😛

Reports are that driver of this 350z was driving hard all weekend!

Glenny making moves

Lachlan Gassman whaddup, Kris Klutke joining in on the fun.

Mereki Dawson using the track to its fullest

Tom Miller doing biz

Nick Gee running alongside the wall on the Short Track

Mitchell Geerdink leading the pack

Q.R express

How can one sleep when theres so many repairs going on

Another build to finally see the track is Ryan Beals 3s KE70


Thanks to these guys who i racked the photos from Cooper Macmillan, Mitchell Mansfield and Chris England.