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Short Track

I haven’t been to an event in Australia that has had the same awesome atmosphere as Queensland Raceways Short Track series. Close drifting, lack of down time, non stop giveaways all whilst being so close to the action you come home covered in rubber! Crowd numbers only on the rise after the first event is a sure sign that the Short Track series is here to stay!

Deeks came up to film as I was MCing the night. Unfortunately we had battery issues but which saw Deeks lose a bit of film time. This clip isn’t as jam packed with action as one would expect but I really wanted to try convey how rad these events are.

It feels good to know we’re finally getting somewhere but we still have a long way to go!!!

Short Track from Mez on Vimeo.

Otto Feat. Bebel Gilberto – Bob (Edu K Remix)

Feature image provided by Cooper Macmillan!

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