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Short Track Preperation Pt1.

If you dont know now you know.

Queensland Raceway are holding a back to basics Drift Competition on their highly entertaining Short Track. With the competition kicking off this coming Friday drivers were invited to come out and get in some practice.

Whilst the only competition driver there was Dan Rassel making full use of the extra track time there was also another reason for the practice.

In between runs and when there is down time 5 amigos by the name of Flynn, Morgan, Danny, Mereki and Tayno will band together and lay down some runs together in a train formation. If the names don’t sound familiar maybe their cars will light that spark in your memory

Danny T’s 1JZ powered S13

Mereki’s 4AGZE KE Lyf

Morgans new look S14

Flynn in his s13 getting busy.

And here is Tayno and his pretty face followed by Dannys and a smudge that is Mereki

This blog content is too awesome to cram into one post, so i shall be back with part 2 tomorrow or something. 😛


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