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New Kid/Old Block


Hey everyone, I’m Ryan. I’ve been shooting drifting/cars/culture for the past few years and driving myself the last ~18 months. I do have my own blog, Infinite Focus, which a lot of you probably haven’t heard about, but the guys asked if I’d be down to join the Wreck ‘Em gang, and obviously as you are reading this post, I am down! I thought a good way to kick off would be  a little intro and a run down of what we got up to during our recent trip to Japan!


Basically I started developing an interest in drifting back in ’09, went to a lot of VicDrift practice days to spectate and take photos. Over the course of the year I made some awesome friends and it was safe to say I was hooked. By late 2011 I’d had enough of the sidelines, so I bought a car of my own. This is my R32, has the basics I need and suits my driving style perfectly!  Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve done a fair bit of driving in this car, along with a trip to Ebisu for Spring Matsuri in an R32 coupe earlier this year. Anyway, thats enough about me, here’s some flicks from the Japan trip!


This is the infamous Daikoku Futo PA in Tokyo Bay. We attempted to get into the parking area on three different occasions this trip, twice the Police had already shut it down, and the third time we drove straight passed the exit off the freeway. Anyone that’s been there knows that if you miss the exit you’re basically screwed.


Obviously we visited a stack of Up Garage stores during our time in Tokyo. My favourite part of the stores is definitely the car parks, as you’re always sure to find a rad ride or five out front. This Notchback was sporting 14’s all round, with longchamps on the front and Advan Oni’s on the back


On our quest for another UpGarage in the Chiba region, we stumbled across this ridiculous wheel shop. It looked like an absolute dump from outside, but after we worked out that the little guy speaking Japanese out the front was actually welcoming us inside we followed one of the workers through a pile of tyres and into what can only be described as rare wheel heaven. The worked led us silently through 3 levels of this, every square inch of the place was crammed full of wheels, stacked up, on racks, and hanging from the ceiling.


The next day we started searching for something I can’t recall, and ended up in Yamagiwa, in the Kanagawa prefecture. This area was full of awesome car yards and random workshops with heaps of street drift cars getting around. This JZX90 was one of the coolest cars we came across throughout the trip, and the workshop it was at had a lot more to look at as well, like the R34 sedan on AVS model 5’s in front of it.


After a few days in Tokyo we were finally on our way up to Nihonmatsu for the Ebisu Drift Matsuri. On the way up we stopped in at Nikko Circuit as they had a Drift Festival of their own on! As always some of the coolest cars there were in the car park out the front, such as this JZX100 Mark 2 on 34 GTR’s


And this sweet little Toyota Carina GT!


One of the first cars to really catch my attention in the pits was this NA S15, as soon as I saw it, I was eager to see it out on track


And the driver didn’t disappoint, throwing down some crazy fast single flicks into the first corner


There were so many awesome JZX’s throughout our trip, they have really got me thinking about what I want to get for my next car here, and over at Ebisu.


This s15 was absolutely railed, it looked so good that I didn’t really expect it to be too crazy on track…


then I walked around and saw the door on the drivers side! This dude threw down hard!


He was one of the fastest out there, and was driving pretty consistently with another S15. Throwing down big 4 wheel lock up entries lap after lap


One thing I was excited about going to Nikko to see, was the amount of banked corners that result in consistent front wheel lifts! The driver of this 180 did not let me down, as he nailed the exit of this turn every lap for the whole session. I’ll cut the Nikko content short there and upload some more later.


I don’t have any photos from our time at Ebisu as I was too busy driving, breaking, or fixing my car! But I do have alot of photos from Tokyo and alot more from Nikko to add another time, so I’ll end this with a quick one of Damo and Chris getting intimate on the streets of Shinjuku!


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