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Matt “I racked these pictures from my girlfriend” Russell – This time at Drift Attack

Well Japan was amazing as always, a big thanks to the guys at K-Tours (Erin & Shane) as well as all the guys on the trip! Everyone had a rad attitude which always helps.
I will have a few posts giving an insight into what happened but if you cant wait our boyyyyy Casey just released this blog post on Speedhunters. It features photos which are 28 times better then anything i took and probably fill in a lot more info 😛

Check it out here

Now onto Matt’s Story! This time from Drift Attack at Winton.

What’s happening?

It sprung to my mind as my alarm rang at 4AM, little did I know, this would probably be the most frequently asked question all day.

Its rare that I wake up so early for a drift event, usually I stay within close proximity to the track and get to sleep as long as possible, but due to Karl being a girl and needing to be a socialite we headed up to Vic Drift’s Drift Attack early on a cold, frosty saturday morning. The 1 hour and 45 minute drive quickly turned into a 3 hour drive, helped along with the fact that the ever economical Holden Malooo (bro) ute that was following us up used up its remaining quarter tank of fuel in about 80km’s, susequently forcing us into looking for a servo. Now becuase it was so early, the first servo we passed was closed, as soldiered on into the darkness we came upon another servo, also closed. We realised at this point the Malooo didnt have much hope, so my jerry can was raided and we were back on the road.

As we edged ever closer to Winton we were greeted by a lovely, hairy old man on a bike, picking up half done cans off the footpath from the night before, doing his bit for the environment by finishing them off before throwing the cans back on the ground. Dont want those fish getting drunk now do we. Such a classy, well presented man made me realise, we had made it to Benella, so the skids were smelling close.

As we sat in drivers breifing whilst we were supposed to be out for practise, it dawned on me that this was going to be a VERY long day. As the head judge got to the new testament of the bible, most people had had enough and were busting on converting some rubber to smoke, so we hit the track. Well, what a wake up call that was. Having not driven since DSC in Mallala (thanks loss of license) it was fair to say I was a little rusty and with all the time I spent in the dirt I was also quite dusty. I simply did not get a single clean lap. The second session, I was a new man, I had new tyres on, I kicked my passenger out so that I could yell and abuse myself for messing up without covering the passenger in blood and things started working. Until I got a little too happy and popped a tyre, track time is track time though, so the foot stayed down.

Qualifyed 14th, I was happy with that considering it was my first ever pro class event, plus it was two spots in front of Leigh Skidwell. Now im not one to brag, but its different with Leigh. So everyone add him to facebook and just ask where he qualifyed again, then rub it in a little. Anyway, I managed to draw Hai from the insane drifters for my battle in the top 32, which worried me a little. However I seemed to put in a decent lead run

(YEAH MEZ, LOOK AT THAT! A VIDEO, HAVE A LAUGH BECAUSE I CANT WORK A CAMERA BUT LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS HOW TO, I GET FOOTAGE, MOVING FOOTAGE) then due to Hai making a bit of a mistake in my chase run, I was able to go past him and take the win.

Top 16 battle was a whole other story. I came up against Josh De Vries from the Project D, blaze unit team. I was chasing first, after a short drag race at the start line in which I was left behind I managed to catch a little, but no where near enough to be handed the advantage. In the lead run things got interesting, as I switched through the small S bend out of the sweeper, I heard a noise. Now for those of you who have seen my car, strange noises wouldn’t come as a surprise, even I myself thought something irrelevant was falling off the car as usual, like the petrol tank, but nope, as I kept heading into the sweeper I realised I had a flat cause by a long lengthy divorce of my bead from the rim. I suppose thats what happens when you run 195’s on a 10″ rim with a pressure thats flatter than a 11 year old Chinese girls chest. Luckily for me, Josh had suffered a mechanical issue (excuse for being scared more like it, ha) in the first corner. So I still managed to advance to the top 8.

In the top 8 I was up against a bloke by the name of Mooka in a black R33. His name scared me a little as I wasnt sure what “mooking” was but I value my health and wellbeing (pff, no I dont) and didnt want to find out. As he chased me, the sound of his gate was enough to get me shaking in my 4 inch heeled boots, but I kept it together. In my chase run however, I had an awesome moment of failure and decided the lawn needed a mow so 4th gear proceeded to cut the grass out the outside of the sweeper. With that being said, my hopes and dreams of winning some money to afford a mothers day present for mum were over.

Now, as absolutely no one had any idea what was happening, which wasnt helped by having no P.A. system or commentator, it was time to kick back and relax. Then of course we remembered all that Winton sell is xxxx beer, so we packed up and ran as far away from there as possible.

Congratulations goes out to the guys on top:

Leighton Fine.
Makr Ure.
Nigel Peitrie.
Nathan Weissel.

Nic Feroni.
Justin Stockley.
Jason Roper.
Robert Macready.

Leigh “UnLeighliable” Pidwell snached the extreme entry comp with a nice backward entry into turn seven. Goes to show that his own / JDI knuckles really do work.

Not as an eventful event as my previous couple in my eyes, probably why my write up is lacking and I have to make cracks at myself about wearing womens shoes, but you know what? They are comfortable, so I dont care what you say.

Big thanks again to Karl and the guys at Unique automotive in Lilydale and JDI fabrications. Also my beautiful Girlfriend Nicole for the photos!

3 thoughts on “Matt “I racked these pictures from my girlfriend” Russell – This time at Drift Attack

  1. can you get those shoes in a 10..? and the photos look great man who cares about a loss.. and did anyone get some pics of leighs entrys?

  2. Yeah mate. The rears are 15×10 -12, now with some sweet scars. No one seemed to have a good pic of Leighs entry, there all taken on angles that make him look like a sissy. If one pops up, ill get Mez to throw it up.

  3. you killed me mang, freaking epic fail on both run’s from me and yeah the better man win’s on the day hey. good on yah Matty

    PS sorry for the spin out bake on the s… i was a little angry lol

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