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Keep Drifting Real

There’s a lot of questions being asked around the community lately “Help my page get to 1000 likes?” “Anyone wanna sponsor me?” “what wheels should i get?” all shitty show no independence questions which leads me to ask a question of my own.

Where the fuck is the depth?

How come no one is paying props to originality yet everyones conforming on whats “cool” in drifting. I’ve heard that many textbook definitions on what drifting is in KeepDriftingFun knock off videos but it ponders on me that these dudes dont know what drifting is if they watch a video and are inspired to go out and produce the exact same thing, yet people do and even then instead of comments of “straight bite..” “this looks a lot like…” the uploader is praised with comments of “Epic” “Best vid ever”. Hold up are these duders in the same drift community as me, did they even watch Roegge’s/ Hobos cult classic or is this some parallel universe where distasteful bites of other peoples work is praised. This runs much deeper than the video game, this shits RIFE in drifting. And i fear its a sign of the power of Social Media. Who cares its doing no harm they say. If you were one of those people please stop what you’re doing because im about to ruin the image and the style that you’re all used to.

Originality pushes the boundary further and helps the sport evolve. In the sport of Drifting where the aim of the game is to push your style to the limit can you see how this type of behavior could do harm?

Everyone has an opinion. Fucking oath they do!

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant”

This quote is a drifters enemy, every drifter feels that they should be heard/have an input on every matter on any facebook/forum debate ever. The fact is the majority of you shouldn’t. Why? Let me explain, firstly I am weird. I hang out on forums like heaps of other drifters but instead of half consciously taking in all of the blabber I like to deconstruct the social hierarchy. “Why did that dude reply that way, why did that guy fly off the handles when it was just a stab, why does that guy think his killing it on here but when i see him in real life he drops balls” Its quite funny taking it all in because at the end of the day a lot of it is pathetic. The internet is as real as real life gets and i find that the online persona of a person is just an amplified version of themselves. Take this example. I have been a user on local qld drift forum SecretDrift for 6 years now and the chain of events that have led to the community you forum amongst today (Its real rad sign up!) is something i can say i was apart of changing.

Que quick story.

SecretDrift 6 years ago at the start of my foruming could be described as the usual forum experience. The cool dudes posting shit, the dick riders riding the cool dudes shit, dudes who just be themselves and dont really get amongst shit and then those last users of weird guys that go against what ever the Cool dudes like but do it in a little bitch manner. Pretty typical social hierarchy yeah? Now slowly cool dudes were leaving selling up to buy a jetski we will call these guys “washed up drifters” so half way through my foruming experience the admins/mods (washed up drifters) changed and now instead of cool dudes running the forum, it was Weird guys that go against cool dudes shit but are now cool dudes so think they are the shit. It was hilarious for me to see these guys go from being little twats to thinking they run the southern hemisphere. Such a back flip of persona’s considering looking in from an outside perspective it would seem that nothing changed. Wheres this story going Mez? Hold with me damnit! So these gimps ran SecretDrift into the ground, i noticed a lot of users leave but what stood out for me was the fact new users were repeating the process of dick riding the now “cool” dudes shit only this time the “cool dudes” are the gimps so the gimp mentality is spread. It would appear no matter who the character new users would start to run the same mindset as who ever was big bossing around the place. Now O.G’s of SecretDrift never took notice to this chain of events that was happening so they were “blind” to the situation.


What i am getting at here is that if your new in a scene you replicate what you have seen. Then get the hang of it and mix master mike it into something you like something you created. This is why a lot of you shouldn’t have an opinion, you have been shown the wrong path and subsequently have a screwed up perception of what drifting is.

New comers are coming in and seeing that every ones shit is the same. No one pays props for originality any more so why would new comers? The cycle most definitely repeats!

If you’re nodding your head with us on this be the change you want to see, stomp the sheep and pay props to killer driving, killer originality & call out the biters because at the end of the day we’re cheapening our own scene if we don’t.

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  1. Amen.

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