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Japan Rad Times 2012 pt1

Ebisu matsuri is a prime destination for so many australians these days with more and more people just saying fuck it, time to sell some shit and get my ass to Japan! This is with good reason too.
Our recent trip to Japan was no exception, though shattered to not be driving it is always amazing to be in another country with mates drifting and generally fucking about.

We headed up to Fukushima or fuck-a-u…SHIMA as Matt liked to pronounce it; fairly early into a trip as the lads were absolutely froffing to get into their recently purchased cars and do some skids! Arriving at Ebisu we headed straight for power vehicles where the cars were being held, not an inch is free at power vehicles leading into a drift matsuri.. I am pretty sure they are going to start stacking cars on top of each other from the next event.

With the recent destruction brought on by the wrath of mother nature the damage at ebisu was still pretty evident, from scenes like this entire shed sliding down the side of this hill to general track upkeep which would have been near impossible to complete due to the clean up and various other tasks due to storm damage.

G1GP is always on the friday before a matsuri and this year’s event was a fucking blast for boths drivers and spectators; with the event being held on the Minami D1 circuit layout. Weather was all over the place throughout the day which led to some carangage for some drivers either running the wall to hard or just going way too fast to pull up for the tyre barrier at the far wall. The JZX90 piloted by some of the boys from team red stage did just that, entering at warp speed before seemingly picking up double speed to spin backwards into the wall. Was an extremely heavy hit and can suck so much cock when you’re sharing the car with a bro, luckily the car was ready to go after some repairs and the boys were back at it for the rest of the weekend!

The highlight of these trips has always been being able have fun with mates and at the end of the G1GP day this is no exception! make sure you pay your 3,000yen and get your all you can eat and drink wristband so you can eat a ton of meat and talk shit with friends over a few cans as the guys at Ebisu know how to roast a fucking cow!

With drinks flowing and J-land madness setting in we all headed back to the drifters lodge for some pre bed drinks. While some opted to head to sleep and get some rest before matsuri started the next day at 7am we decided to push on and some even opted to have dicks shaved in the back of their head…

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  1. Hah yes! Good to see I got a gig in this blog post, damn that cock in my hair was fressshh!

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