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Insane Drifters Dyno Day

The crew from insane drifters held a Dyno day this weekend to help Aggess get to the 2nd round of ADGP up in QLD. Myself and Deeks headed down to the event to get some footage of the day and whilst we were at it Deeks shot some photos aswell.

All of the boys cars are putting out some good figures on the day, with Pappa taking the win overall with 270rwkw* *correct me if i’m wrong*

At one point there was a law enforcement helicopter flying around so some shady peeps decided to hide for unknown reasons.

2 thoughts on “Insane Drifters Dyno Day

  1. any other photos takin from this day? some 1 took a photo of my s13 with the green gramlights that day

    1. woops ignore this sorry just read a reply in another thread

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