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Hit & Run Just For Fun!

Yes that is a Bar-Kays reference but it was the perfect label for this trip down south!

My journey began on Wednesday when i flew into Sydney to meet up with the Hit & Run crew to go film one of their private days at Wakefield. Kansai Giant aka Jono Okada played chauffeur and picked me up from the Airport. After a quick grab of food we stopped by Jonos house so he could pack his bags. I took this chance to grab some photos of his fresh looking 180sx.

Jono was towing fellow HnR member ‘Tipper’ down to the day so after hooking his RX7 up we linked up with fellow HnR gang bangers Billy, Jack and Scotty.

The plan was to link up with Woods and the rest of the posse at Maatouks where they had been working on Woods silvia for the past 2 days non stop. Niggling problems always seem to keep Woods from getting a “clean” break and being able to just get out and skid his car.

…But today was his day….Kind of…

You see the Hit & Run crew are no joke. When a brother is down the group all put in work to help get through the tough. RB extraordinaire Maatouk and his friends saw this comradery first hand and with a deep breath at midnight 1 day out from the track day Maatouk told woods “You’re not going down to Wakefield with out your car”. So after countless hours of work it all came down to a quick lap around the block. Woods returned and told the crew the news. The silvia was no longer missing completely but rather only down low in the revs, you can be sure the crew were excited!

Niggling problem aside it was time to load up the Silvia and hit the road to make our way down to Wakefield!

So after settling into the sheep station and fitting in a decent nights boozing (It was my 21st and the State of Origin after all! (Yes you can bet the VB’s were flowing)) It was time. Private day time!!! The word Private day might sound like we were being all smug doing crazy stuff but HnR private days are quite the opposite. They remind me a lot of what I am thankful to have in my home state “Morning sessions”. Now for those of you in the know I bet you are all nodding your heads with “hmmm quite good” comments but for those of you who dont, Morning sessions are the best chilled out Drift Practice days you can go to. Theres comradery in the pits with bros all chipping in and helping one another, laughter as jokes are thrown and just a really good vibe all round. The same is replicated at these HnR private days which I myself am stoked on seeing as it means finally shit is moving in the right direction. Moving In a lot bigger way than most will think when they walk away from this post. But know this, The Australian drift scene is on the cusp of something. Something thats been needed for a long time. Something that so called driftperts (Drift-Experts) seem to look past. If you are your own person than you have nothing to worry about. But theres only so much fake shit this O.G can take. WOAH off track or what? Back to rad pics!

New kid on the block Tyler was out there running a muck in his mellow yellow beast! I was rather envious when it started raining later in the day and I heard this beast roar down the straight!

Cruising around the pits I ran into Jack who was inspecting his engine to check if his guess of blowing a rocker was correct…. It was.

I am pretty sure I have been guilty of this… *shifty eyes*

I found Jwaz who was chowing down on some food. He was a bit peeved after doing a clutch and then doing copious amounts of work for Biggie for nothing.

Jwaz has a nice subframe

Jono was getting up to some mischief in the pits…

..I found him sticking a sly Hit & Run club sticker on Cameron Motes ride.

Cameron Mote and his mates get down by the team name WeSlide which is a little inside joke (I cant tell you its an inside joke) All you need to know is that Cameron is an ace driver whose s13 picks up speed really quickly and that i got to go for a ride with him.

Heres the man himself

Woods combated a few problems on the day but he was the last car standing! Which was such a pleasing thing to see considering how much effort Woods puts into organising and running these days!

Of course I was filming for most of the day, So if you want action you’re going to have to wait…2 scrolls down! Lucky for you guys HnR member Lewis who was marshalling on the day set up his camera in some strategic positions to chuck together this little edit!

HIT AND RUN – Wakefield Private – 5DII Test Reel from Lewis Hubbard on Vimeo.

– Mez 🙂

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  1. Hi not to be a picky c*nt (and i could be wrong) but im pretty sure Maatouk is spelt with two ‘a’s not Matouk with just one. love your work, im a huge fan of all your uploads. peace!

    1. Haha you are indeed right man! All fixed now cheers for the heads up and thanks for the support! 🙂

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