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Hit and Run Private Day

This past weekend the whole Wreck’Em crew headed out to Wakefield Raceway with the rad guys from ‘Hit and Run’ so we could get some absolutely silly footage for our up coming DVD! With 4 camera’s and operators on the ground we got everything covered and lots of it! I was able to sneak in a few snaps during lunch break.

The Hit and Run boys run some of the hottest drift cars in NSW if not Australia!

Mez was walking around staunching everyone all day! Smug

Meanwhile Ginger was playing the role of a cancer patient apparently, it was damn hot out!

A lot of the crew are running S chassis car’s with conversions ranging from rb25, rb26 to ls1’s!

With the heat and the broski’s going hard quite a few cars broke tie end rods and the like, though they pushed through with quick repairs and got back on with it.

6 thoughts on “Hit and Run Private Day

  1. Want info on the headlights in the first picture. Look like modified triples. Any info?

    1. Exactly as you said, check how many their are ;). We believe it was done to fit a bigger radiator.

  2. Yeah guys. They’re cut down 3 lense lights. plastic welded back together. saw them for the first time in person at the wakefield day. Definite winner.

  3. When is the video coming out?

  4. Any Specs/ Info on blue S13?

  5. Sorry Magnus, not off the top of my head. Was a few years back.
    Ran a RB25.. thats about all I remember.. oh and its sexy as fuck!!

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