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Grapevine Groove

Spewing Dai Yoshihara.

World Time attack announced another Japanese driver added to their International drift comp. Looking forward to Daigo rocking out but who is this guy?

Old man rivers Josh Young made this suave (you can tell by the elevator tunes) montage of him and a couple other Aussies throwing down at the most recent Ebisu Matsuri. Scope Siddsy getting gangster in his Black JZX at the start of the “g1 comp”

11 days till SecretDrifts “Rad Times” . Its gonna be a blast we will be there capturing some footy!

A few H’n’R bros went to Japan to do the ebisu gig but came a week after matsuri…. Smuggest dudes but we’re looking forward to the vids from their antics.

Yaer dudes dropped their edit of the FD Asia – Melbourne/Calder round. Crazy shots & editing but for me it left something to be desired and it needed more Australians :P. Scope it!

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  1. This one was ripe. Fell off the grapevine and was on the floor with the raisins. Recognise the name? Used to have an online TV series.

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