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Grapevine Groove

J-waz of Hit & Run fame parted out his well e-famed sil80 with the shell finally moving on the past weekend, J-waz is now living the good life… Coke, bitches, money

World Time Attack have announced another driver to the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge, Go to good guy in Japan Andy Gray from powervehicles will be joining the line up! I dare say he will be using his chaser that is based here that we saw at Rad Times!

OG Beau Yates not only unveiled his new facey page during the week, he also let Top Gear have a peek at the new v8 86 that is in the build. This thing is gonna be a weapon and hopefully we will see it at WTAC.

If you live in South East Qld, all the local crew meet up and get hammered, you should come join in too! If you cant decipher the poster its at Irish Murphys July 20th

Grant Scott did this video on his team mate Jason (“Midnight Mechanics”) whilst i feel its close to the KDF tip i talked about in the KDR article, Grant has achieved the result a little bit differently and for that i appreciate this piece.

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