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Grapevine Groove

Last grapevine we announced your boy Tj was back, well here it is his back.

Victorian local James Mackie finally unveiled his Australian Muscle drift car in the form of “XYNOT” Heres a video of one of Mackie’s runs getting in a bit of a Jam with Jam Jam at the end

Staying with the Mexican connection VicDrift held their Drift Attack comp on the weekend (First round I believe?) Our man Matt Russell didn’t make any moves but the regulars closed out the top with
Agges taking First, the Prosenik taking 2nd and our homie Moe El Houli (Khudars younger brother for players at home) rounding up the top 3. Here is the standings after the first round

Gram of the week goes to this punter “I dont care how sucks im drifting, and you’re dont” Yep we’ve stooped to picking on poor english 😛

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