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Grapevine Groove

Bit of shameless self promotion, my friend Casey came a long for a ride a few morning sesh’s back we did some laps 😉

This week Andrew Hawkins announced plans to run a 3 round “fun” competition on Sydney Motorsports ‘Peanut Track’. SMP (Sydney Motorsport Park’s) tried running 2 comps on the legit track to no avail after it was deemed there wasn’t enough interest (which i feel falls on their lack of promotion because NSW was screaming). It will be interesting to see how this turns out, the set up of the crowd right next to the track will produce some atmosphere similar to that of Short Track but I am interested to see what Andrew’s friends at Motive do with it ha ha ha *Ba Doom Tish*

The Japan connection grows stronger this week, known Ebisu heads Christian Pickering, Daniel Siddle & Nic Wilson are back over again getting amongst it. The boys seem to be picking up some gangster moves (as Siddle Displays here) This weekend the trio set off to compete in a D1 Divisional round with the help of Andy & Emily at Power Vehicles. Christian picked up the 2nd with Nic & Daniel scoring 4th/5th respectively. Awesome to see the boys sticking it to them repping Australia hard!

Ladies hold on to your pants, dudes get your blogs ready, TJ Waldon is making moves on his new car

Kumar took over facebook, no idea why but it was funny. Lucas didn’t know either by the looks of it

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