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Driver Down Low: Jake Jones “The DriftSquid”

Whats been happening Jake, we saw you hit G1 the other weekend how did that go?
Yeah not too bad, i have basically brought everything back to old school days just running a clean car with no backing, just going out having fun with my mates, i don’t know it just seems a hell of a lot easier these days doing that

Theres been a bit of jive about whats been happening in the Jones camp *cough*, you got any insiders?
Basically to cut it simple i know there hasn’t been any press release or anything, Myself and Advan are still sweet we ended things mutually and any big events that come up they are still keen to support me, just with what i am doing and my current program both parties just had different outlooks and it was better to end things mutually

Sticking to your guns it sounds like?
Yeahhh, there comes a point where you bust your ass trying to impress, push as much you can and for some one to turn around and say we didn’t get much benefit out of that it kind of takes a toll on your mindset and puts things into perspective, you start thinking woah if they’re not impressed with that… Its good to be where I am now i think.

Where to from here?
As you can kinda tell I’m doing everything i can now *laughs* over to Victoria the other week, had a few issues but it was still fun. G1 last weekend hanging out with mates had a blast and ended up coming 2nd there was no real worrying or stressing and yeah to come home with 2nd is pretty awesome. From here on in I’m either gonna try get into ADGP but its not as easy as just getting back into it you gotta work your way in which sucks but fair enough, theres also interest in NZ they are keen to have me back and theres also D1GP in Japan which is another option but that just comes down to money really.

Well i suppose at the end of the day thats the final answer to your question, I reckon D1NZ would be a goer, they got it on lock it seems
They definitely do, the whole exposure side of things over there is pretty massive, i think they’re working on a deal getting Australian  TV coverage so yeah all focus is happening towards New Zealand at the moment

Man we gotta ask the mad mike hand inspired west side ee’s when we gonna be seeing a more driftsquid inspired gang sign


Maybe get your fingers together to make a squid?
Far out you’re a crack up, i don’t know I will have to work on something

You seem to do a bit of work with Mark at hoon tv whats that relationship like?

Me and Mark started working together when Advan came on board and that was back when i went over to NZ he came over and did a few vids, and yeah we did a few commercials for yokohama when he was living in Sydney. We became pretty good mates and yeah now he is living in Adelaide so its just round the corner for him to come out and do a quick little bit of filming. On the weekend he came out for an hour got the GoPros on had to leave.. The missus has him on the chain 😛

Its good to see some decent footage of you hitting the track
Yeah you’re not wrong. I try do as much as i can with my own GoPros but you know how it is. Its not easy I gotta be honest im not as motivated as i was making my old school videos any more but yeah it is just easier if i can find some one else to do it *laughs*

Who is your favourite Australian driver?
Australian driver? Shieeeet thats a toughie, *ponders for a minute* does it have to be recent or can it be from the dark ages?

It can be anyone
Well when i was a kid my favourite driver was Lindon Reynolds. I’d have to go Lindo!

Umm well everyone knows I love Mad Mike *laughs* I don’t know theres that many people i have met now you look at them as mates you don’t not really look at them as favourite drivers kinda weird.

Alright I will word it differently, What driver inspires you to drive harder

Well that would be Mad Mike for obvious reasons because his living the dream traveling the world running a muck with cars here n there. But i gotta big thing in FD USA going for the *ponders for a while on how to term* What do you call those dudes who kill it but aren’t backed by big sponsors??

Shredders that haven’t quite got the sponsorship yet, i dunno?
Haha well yeah that Michael Essa dude is killing it of late, i love his driving style. I don’t know what it is but one of his qualifying runs i had on repeat for 20 minutes straight, it was only a 40 second clip and i finished and thought jeez that was a bit weird i was watching it for ages *laughs*

Thanks for having a chat with us Jake!

All good thanks for having me, im about to go chuck some fire wood on its freezing here! Peace!

NB: All photos ganked from Jakes Facebook. Word to the photogs who took them

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