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Driver Down Low: Danny Thompson


Who are you and whats your relation to Steven Segal?
I am Daniel Thompson, Also known to few as the father of Steven Segal.

*****I had a perfect picture explaining the joke but i can’t find it, SORRY but imagine Danny in an old asian ladies silk vest , hey presto Steven Segal*********

Bacon & Eggs or Pancakes?

Neither, on Jenny Craig at the moment.

I remember when i first heard the name “Danny T” it was the reply to someones question of “Who drives the gangster 2 tone s13” you seemed to have the style and skill straight off the bat, what was your introduction to drifting? Went to Archy a few years ago. Then got an 86. Met heaps of rad dudes and started at archy and *Private, Closed roads* ect

Archy is known as being a bit too “bogan” for the “steez” crowd what are your thoughts on the whole ordeal seeing as how it started you on the good path? Well I like to consider myself, a “bogan with steez” so at the end of the day , I don’t mind doing archy, but you won’t be seeing a “I’m a pro at archy face book page” from me.

Whats not gangster about the drift scene at the moment?

The amount of Banked 8 cylinder engines. My god, srsly.

Morning sessions/Short track sessions why are they so good?
First you got Steve and Neil at QR (Qld Raceways)(well Neil mainly, Steve has been a bit of a loose cannon since his bucket off a r32 shot him into internet glory :P) They got short track/main track on point, You don’t have to have cages/ pay out the arse just to attend, its just really chilled out day with the boys.

Favourite gear to mulch?
Nothing like banging her back into first gear mate.

I know Jake Jones is your favourite driver in Australia which i do find a little random, care to explain?
Been following him since he was a pup, He was always doing track days ect down south, All he seemed to be worried about was keeping his car going for the next comp/practice other than building a new tube frame,ls1,dog box race car after every season. Mad cunt.

Any plans on competing alongside him in the future?
Yeah, one day. He might want to look from the other side, i wouldn’t want to get dust on his pretty face.

Danny you are the radness and we are gonna leave it on this screen shot, cheers brother!

VIDEOS Featuring Danny T:

Danny throwing down at Short Track in his 86 (2nd one in)

Danny getting down with his friends

Photos ganked from Danny’s facebook, feature photos from Jared Ahearn, NICEVIBE, Cooper Macmillan, DTF Photos, buttonup

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  1. What a sick cunt

  2. Definitely a guy with bulk talent

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