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Drifter Abroad: Simon Michelmore hits Ireland


You just got back from a European holiday where you managed to fit in some drifting, people can read your little blog run down here how did you manage to score a drive?
I have to give credit to my wife on this one! She managed to organise the whole holiday and the drifting side of things from home! She started off by emailing BDC, IDC (British Drifting Championship/ Irish Drifting Championship) etc about info on entering their comps and any possible practice days that were on while we were there because we figured it would be rad to check out the scene somewhere else in the world. Anyway this snowballed into making contacts and speaking with some locals in Ireland and Scotland who were more then happy to help out! With Driftland we had been following the build of the new track on facebook for a while leading up to our holiday and Jenna managed to get in contact with the lads behind the scene. Once we arrived in Scotland an invite was offered to come and check out the place and come for some laps! needless to say we were stoked!


What was the main difference you noticed between there and here in Australia?

The drift scene in UK/Ireland is very different from Australia.. and so it should be! It’s a different way of life, there are different cars and builds and different attitudes, it would be pretty boring if it were all the same. I found that driver attitude was much more positive especially in Ireland where there seems to be a distinct lack of tall poppy syndrome and everyone helps everyone within the community. During qualifying its refreshing to see all the Pro guys watching their fellow competitors do a run and then clap afterwards.



Did you notice a difference in driving styles?
Hell yeah.. theres less worrying about the car and more focus on driving hard and sticking it to the lead car! the whole level of driving in Ireland was certainly up there and it was really impressive to see solid chase laps, sheer aggression and balls out drifting in the name of putting on a show. as a result of everyone driving so hard and constantly trying to improve the competition is really exciting to watch. I found myself watching the semi pro guys in awe of their runs and thinking to myself on the Saturday “if this is the semi pro guys what are the pro’s like?!?”



Did they have any observations on the Aussie scene?
The funny thing about the Irish guys is that everyone seems to know someone in Australia! Of all the people i spoke to most of them had watched, followed or personally seen Aussie drifting at some point. They loved the ideas of fast flowing tracks and even had personal fave drivers from Australia. So its good to see that we’re out there on a world scale.



Can the Irish really drink that hard?
You know i thought i was prepared.. i clearly wasn’t! You know its going to get rowdy when a bunch of Irish drifters get together at an after party and break into song and dance in the pub with a bloke in a one man band playing the accordion..and it was only 9pm! I had a few drinks and thought I’d better be sensible so that i can not be toooo hungover the Sunday morning for the comp! Well that didn’t stop some drifters haha, needless to say the mare mention of a breath-test on race day morning gets laughed at pretty hard

How many potatoes?
Terty tree! (irish have a lack of TH sounds… its bloody hilarious to decipher 😛



Do you plan on returning?
Absolutely, i really want to check out Driftland again when they have a large event like a matsuri or two day style event with a heap of drivers.. something like a UK version of Gatebil would be rad! On top of that ive been told i have to check out Punchestown in Ireland and to be honest id love nothing more then to go back and chill with a good bunch of guys who are all crazy passionate about drifting. maybe next holiday I’ll have to take some excess baggage.. in the shape of an S14

Thanks for taking time to chat to us Simon!

All images ganked from Simons blog run down which are taken by his wife and FW Photography

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