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Calder With The Homies – Loose Stones

I was fortunate enough to commentate Round 1 of the RoadKing Chassis Drift Series. Victorias local drift comp! Sunday marked the competition with Saturday being a practice day for all!

Brothers of Wreck ‘Em, Loose Stones were set to run a muck so i thought I would at least try capture some of the madness before i gave in to the 10km hike that is Calders layout.
I will have some flicks up from the day but for now, heres this quick video!

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W.E.R.D – VicDrift Matsuri Edition

I got invited down to VicDrift’s Matsuri the other weekend to come talk some solid shit on the Mic. I don’t quite think commentary is needed at a Matsuri type event, but i was thankful for the opportunity none the less as it allowed me to come hang with some of the Wreck ‘Em crew and have a blast!
We haven’t done a Wreck ‘Em Run Down (W.E.R.D) in quite some time, so with Jack from the Hit & Run Drift club hooking us up with some Sony Action Cams (which in turn was hooked up by Tony at Sony) we thought we better get them cranking again! Thanks once again Jack and Tony, we love the versatility of these cams!

W.E.R.D Matsuri Edition from Mez on Vimeo.

Catch you guys at Calder March 30th where i will be commentating once again at VicDrifts Drift Attack! We will also be filming the practice day Saturday so hopefully we have something gnarly for you guys!

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Halfway Hangs for the Mangs

We ventured down to Raleigh on the weekend to take part in what we can only describe as one of the funnest events we have been to in a while. Situated in between Brisbane and Sydney, Raleigh was the perfect spot for both Queenslanders and New South Welshmen to meet up for a day of hardparking (which we had no interest in) and for a day of drifting at Raleigh Go Kart Track. The Streetkarnage posse (organisers responsible for this non stop good time) exceeded expectations with a very low cressida making its way rolling 4 deep from South Australia, and even a couple of Mexicans from Victoria.
Continue reading Halfway Hangs for the Mangs

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Short Track

I haven’t been to an event in Australia that has had the same awesome atmosphere as Queensland Raceways Short Track series. Close drifting, lack of down time, non stop giveaways all whilst being so close to the action you come home covered in rubber! Crowd numbers only on the rise after the first event is a sure sign that the Short Track series is here to stay!

Deeks came up to film as I was MCing the night. Unfortunately we had battery issues but which saw Deeks lose a bit of film time. This clip isn’t as jam packed with action as one would expect but I really wanted to try convey how rad these events are.

It feels good to know we’re finally getting somewhere but we still have a long way to go!!!

Short Track from Mez on Vimeo.

Otto Feat. Bebel Gilberto – Bob (Edu K Remix)

Feature image provided by Cooper Macmillan!

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Madness at Mt Smart

Recently Round 4 of the D1NZ Drift series was held at Aucklands Mt. Smart Stadium. The event kicked off during the week with a Charity cruise through the streets of Auckland organised by the guys at D1NZ for cancer patient Daniel Baxter and his family.

After the fun filled day it was back down to business as drivers battled it out for the top honors.

Calculate by Del Tha Funky Homosapien
Fig Leaf Bi Carbonate by MF Doom

Thanks to my man Dom Miles for the additional footage supplied!

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Supreme Caravans Drift Attack : VIDEO

Hey gang,

The guys from Vicdrift asked for us to do them an Official video from their drift competition “Drift Attack”. Drift Attack was held 2 weeks ago at the former Victorian drift stomping ground “Calder Park” For those not in the know Calder Park hadn’t held a drift competition for over 4 years until recent times. I want to say a big congrats to the VicDrift crew for running an awesome day!

I was also happy to see South Australian drifter Jake Jones get back on the podium after numerous accounts of bad luck! Here is the official result list from the day.

Street Class
1st Chris Johnson
2nd Adam Mobarek
3rd Richrad Ryan

Pro Class
1st Jake Jones
2nd Andreas Paraskevas
3rd Nigel Petrie

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W.E.R.D # 3

Hey everyone,

So this weekend i was left on my lonesome in the big smoke of Sydney. The guys at Hit N Run kept me occupied by inviting me around for beers Friday night and showing me skids on Sunday.
I have to say theres been talk that the N.S.W drift scene is dead but from what I saw Sunday, Ferds and the Project D crew run a tight ship which made for an awesome chilled out practice session!

Cheers Mez

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Kenny from the Block

So a couple weekends back, Ginga went out to the Ken Block/ Monster energy drinks Corporate day. This day was meant to be a private day for kenny to show those men in suits a thing or two about motorsports, luckily enough Ken allowed tickets to be sold and the general public to get a glimpse of the entertainment that is Ken Block. Thanks to Aek from Spy-Optics Ginga was able to get up close to the action and film the various demos/burnout displays and most of importantly the Monster babs.

Check out Gingas edit from the day!

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W.E.R.D #2 from W.T.A.C

Hey Everyone,

If that title has you baffled it stands for the Wreck ‘Em Run Down number 2. This time from the World Time Attack Challenge. a W.E.R.D provides you with visual lols from the weekend without giving away our spoils for this years DVD.

An awesome event with awesomer people! Big thanks to the Jones Family and Hit & Run. Also thanks to the people who came up and said they actually liked Wreck ‘Em it feels good to know we have some fans out there!

Seeing as both Ginga (Luke Jobson) and D.K (Daniel Kelly) were up for the event to film for the DVD, i dedicated my Sony FX7 to capturing the footage for this W.E.R.D after D.K gave me a Fish Eye to use I knew I had to do a youtube dedication video with some funky tunes! We followed Beau Yates and Mad Mike over the weekend. We had planned to film another drifter but due to an unfortunate event we weren’t able to capture any footage bar that of our contour…

Thanks to our sponsors Etnies, Moonah Auto Salvage and JDM Garage


Sample from “Scratch The Documentary:
The Delta Blues by Robert Johnson (Mix Master Mike)

Hang Out – UTFO (Instrumental)


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Wreck ‘Em Run Down + Announcement!

Hey everyone,

We have released the Wreck ‘Em Run Down videos to show you guys what we’re getting up to with out spoiling the footage of this years DVD. Our first “W.E.R.D” is from Steve’s Morning session which was held the other week.
I met up with Buckna in the morning and we made our way to QR (Cheers Buckna for the lift as well as the croissant). The JDM Garage crew assembled and took fort at the pits for a majority of the day with Erin running into some problems with his new R34. Buckna having troubles with Ross’ Onevia and Tom blowing cooler pipes and re assembling Turbos. Despite these problems the crew still got out there and laid down some runs.

Pictures courtesy of Hughesy over at Freeworks

We are also proud to announce Etnies has jumped on board as a new sponsor for this years DVD. Etnies will be keeping us looking fresh when we’re out and about! World Time Attack is next weekend so for those who are going catch you guys there also dont forget to say Hi to Mozz from Moonah Auto Salvage he is going to be commentating it should be a blast!!!!




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WreckEm Meihan

Mez is currently over in Japan filming his little heart out, god bless him. Unfortunately for me I am stuck at home working missing out on all the action and fun.

Mez shall be bringing home the goods no doubt! from the small conversations we have had things are shaping up to be great for our next DVD and we can not wait to start getting it all together!

Here is a little clip from the WreckEm Meihan day

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First time skids and Update??

Hey everyone. Here is a video of me skidding my friend James Trueno. Massive thanks goes to him for letting me skid it and to all the fellas who helped me out/gave me tips.

Now for the UPDATES!!

It is highly likely we will be getting the dvds this week. Its very possible for a premiere being held very soon (next week maybe?) Which means DVD’s will be available next week!