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Story time with Matt Russell!

A long time between drinks for me (not literally of course), but this is my first piece since 2012 I believe. Some call it laziness, I also call it laziness but at least im not… wait what was I saying? Time for another drink.

Anyway, I thought I would do a bit of a cover of what’s been going on for me in the first half of this year briefly before I start covering the events that are coming up and explaining in detail the after party, trip there, the trip back and occasionally the drifting in between.

Muski & I matsuri
As usual, the year started of with a bang at the bi-annual Vic drift Winton matsuri. Much like the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics this event happens at the beginning and the end of each year, its has fireworks similar to that of the Olympics, it has drunken caravan park demolition much like the Olympics, basically the only differences are that we swap the steroids for beers and athleticism for automobiles. As usual, I attended with two cars, my AE86 and my old AE86 that I lend to an enemy each matsuri in hope that their ill fate lays within the Bride seat of that death trap car.
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Biters, Bandwagons and the Car Complex

Going on from my KDR article, Misinterpretation keeps things interesting, the clashing force of two different perspectives meeting at an airport lounge the trip doesn’t end only the journey continues.

Misinterpretation happens in everyday life even in a setting where ones 5 senses are in full effect (outside of your computer). So is it surprising misinterpretation happens on the internet? It shouldn’t be but amazingly in 2013 it is or at least it would be surprising if the user was even aware of this occurring. Two sides to every story; Every one knows the saying but how many practice the concept? In my experience not many… if any (lolscribe) You see the world we live in today is so ingrained with materialistic needs that people dont even try to appear human.

“What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things”- Zelda Fitzgerald

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Grapevine Groove

Last grapevine we announced your boy Tj was back, well here it is his back.

Victorian local James Mackie finally unveiled his Australian Muscle drift car in the form of “XYNOT” Heres a video of one of Mackie’s runs getting in a bit of a Jam with Jam Jam at the end

Staying with the Mexican connection VicDrift held their Drift Attack comp on the weekend (First round I believe?) Our man Matt Russell didn’t make any moves but the regulars closed out the top with
Agges taking First, the Prosenik taking 2nd and our homie Moe El Houli (Khudars younger brother for players at home) rounding up the top 3. Here is the standings after the first round

Gram of the week goes to this punter “I dont care how sucks im drifting, and you’re dont” Yep we’ve stooped to picking on poor english 😛

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Grapevine Groove

Bit of shameless self promotion, my friend Casey came a long for a ride a few morning sesh’s back we did some laps 😉

This week Andrew Hawkins announced plans to run a 3 round “fun” competition on Sydney Motorsports ‘Peanut Track’. SMP (Sydney Motorsport Park’s) tried running 2 comps on the legit track to no avail after it was deemed there wasn’t enough interest (which i feel falls on their lack of promotion because NSW was screaming). It will be interesting to see how this turns out, the set up of the crowd right next to the track will produce some atmosphere similar to that of Short Track but I am interested to see what Andrew’s friends at Motive do with it ha ha ha *Ba Doom Tish*

The Japan connection grows stronger this week, known Ebisu heads Christian Pickering, Daniel Siddle & Nic Wilson are back over again getting amongst it. The boys seem to be picking up some gangster moves (as Siddle Displays here) This weekend the trio set off to compete in a D1 Divisional round with the help of Andy & Emily at Power Vehicles. Christian picked up the 2nd with Nic & Daniel scoring 4th/5th respectively. Awesome to see the boys sticking it to them repping Australia hard!

Ladies hold on to your pants, dudes get your blogs ready, TJ Waldon is making moves on his new car

Kumar took over facebook, no idea why but it was funny. Lucas didn’t know either by the looks of it

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JDM Garage Invitational

Hey everyone,

I recently attended the JDM Garage Invitational which was held on the “Short Track” at Queensland Raceways. Whilst the events classy name the day was a relaxed private day for Erin from JDM Garages friends and customers.

Seen here Ziptying something, Erin was having trouble pulling off entries in his still being built sparkly red R34. The problem was diagnosed as the wheels hitting the castor arms and acting as brakes preventing him from having a clean run.


The day was filled with awesome driving in rad cars!



Tom was tearing it up all day…


Until upon a massive entry his rear tyre popped, sending him straight towards the wall.

The crash..


P.S Photos done by Kristopher Harrison (JustNug)

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Photos from Phone – Part 2

Well we are back with the randomness.

This first picture was taken at a random service station on one of my trips to Tassie. I thought their sales pitch was ingenious!
“We guarantee to service and repair your vehicle right the first time or its free until We do.”

Bruce keeping an eye on the rains

Beaumans damaged aero at last years Hit N Run shoot for Oh One Oh

The view from my first track day.

Solar Eclipse reflection

Back at work with Kyle

Gingas 86 cant handle my gangster lean
My mates dog “Alfie” fast asleep

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WreckEm Meihan

Mez is currently over in Japan filming his little heart out, god bless him. Unfortunately for me I am stuck at home working missing out on all the action and fun.

Mez shall be bringing home the goods no doubt! from the small conversations we have had things are shaping up to be great for our next DVD and we can not wait to start getting it all together!

Here is a little clip from the WreckEm Meihan day

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Tales from a weekend of Drift.

Matt Russell the love muscle shares his tale from a weekend of drift. Living in Melbourne, Matt is always down for terrorising other states Drift Competitions in his trusty copper steed (SR AE86).

The man himself

The Steed

P.S – Yes having photos to accompany this awesome story would be tops, but that wouldn’t be in true Matt Russell style.

What a weekend.

Thursday: Finished work, headed home, showered and jumped in the passenger side of the sprinter as dad drove me down to the docks. On the way (while Dad dosed everyone) we shattered a clutch fan and put it through my 20 minute old radiator. A few calls to Lindsay Thorn and HTS (mainly Dave) had an array of clutch fans and radiators ready to go.

Friday: Got off the boat to be met by Dave who beared 3 gifts. A Ford Telstar radiator, a S13 radiator and a S14 radiator. The Telstar one was my choice but it was to tall, so the communal HTS S13 rad was installed and the long bumpy drive to Hobart begun with myself, Nick Wilson (and his bitches Karl, T bag and Brent) and the two S.A. boys. The trip was slow due to the well needed roadworks going on everywhere. Nick lost a parker due to some sweet bumps and I decided it was time to change tyres before I rubbed through my sidewalls.

Saturday: Gossy is always on time, our 6.30 departure turned into a 7.30 “I want to wash my car first ordeal”. I few threats had Goss change him mind and we were on the way to the track. GOT THROUGH SCRUTINEERING. Did practice, qualifyed 10th, knocked out Brodie in the top 16 (he let me win because I drove so far) then pulled Josh “Drift Camel” Priseman in the top eight. Not that the odds were on myside anyway, I managed to snap (another) axle in my first run putting me into the dirt. The rest of the day saw me completely rebuilding the reliable old “Ex-Pidwell” diff with the help of Andrew from S.A. I was’nt prepared to leave yet another car in Tassie, so I thought I would fix it properly this time.

Saturday night: Although tired, the afterparty saw the removal of my voicebox and no doubt my dignity too. S.A boys packed up early as they were on the day boat the next day and had to leave at 2.30am but as usual, THE usuals (Goss, Jack, Plumbridge, Brodie, Dave, Skin) kept on charging into the night. Although my night might have been cut a bit short when I confused a bouncer at Curly’s with 50 cent and let him know about it. La Bella became the new party destination, followed by a long sleep in the back seat of Gossy’s mums car.

Sunday: As I always have drama, we deaprted Hobart early to allow for any road side rebuilds that I may have needed. We headed home in the same order as we came, however we had swapped the S.A. boys for Consie and Asha. Somehow, my car made it all the way back north with no issues other than two fires (pretty normal). So being 7 hours early for the boat, we decided to go to Ulvie to watch Consies HPI photo shoot for Capel motorsports and visit HTS headquarters. Shit got boring quick, so before I gave into temptation and give in to the need of hitting up some of the North West’s finest roads we headed back to the boat for some Cafe Salmonella and wood fired pizza. Then the usual boring boating began.

Monday: Rolled in at 6.30am, dad was waiting at the Docks. He took the 86 and drove it “quietly” home while I went to work and tried my best to stay awake. I was rudely awoken during the night by a guy in a security top on the boat wondering why someone had hit the alarm in our cabin. Didnt help that I was sleeping on the floor in front of the door.

All in all a good weekend. MASSIVE thanks to Dave Dennis for everything he does for me, from pick up and delieverys, to Mechanical works. Andrew Franklin for spinning spanners with me on my diff. Gossy for the accom as usual. Adrian “Mozz” Morrisby from Moonah auto parts recyclers for hooking me up as usual.

On a final note, the Tassie events still continue to impress me. Great people, great tracks, great competition. The organisation is second to none, and it goes without saying that Kate Lucas, Miffy Bond, Anita Jones and all the rest of the crew have it down pat. Its not often you hear “we are ahead of schedual, so have a free hour session” over the P.A.

Thanks for a good wekend, Matt.

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Engineered to Glide?

If you dont know, well now you know.

Nigel Petrie is some crazy mad man scientist that does all his own fabrication work and also drifts on Wreck ‘Em. Our man Ginga tee’d up for Wreck ‘Ems Nigel Petrie to create a Glide-track!
The prototype was ready for us to use at the Winton Drift Matsuri. It produced some amazing shots that will no doubt make the cut in this years Wreck ‘Em.

Ginga testing it out!

If you want to see more of the crazy happenings that Nigel produces, head on over to his site Engineered To Slide

We will have more posts from the weekend before last, soon!


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Keeping up with the JDMsessss

The key to this year will be planning! With so many big ideas involving big trips its important we keep track of what is going on. It was an overcast day so work got called off. It came at a perfect time as I needed to head up and see Erin from JDM Garage.

Erin has been along side Wreck ‘Em from the get go offering his support. This year we both have big plans! Erin is responsible for organising our trip to Japan that will be featured on this years DVD. You see Erin runs K-Tours with good friend Shane Bingham. K-Tours offer drifters the trip of a life time visting tracks such as Ebisu, Meihan mixing it up with drifters such as Naoki Nakamura of Team Burst and visiting dozens of work shops and having a truly awesome experience.

Erin filled me in on whats going to be going down when we’re in Japan and all I can say is Japan can’t come quick enough!!! Apart from that I thought I would check out what was happening around the garage that is JDM.

Here Erin and Matt work on a customers S15 whose motor wasn’t running 100 percent.

Here is a customers Sil80 with some questionable side skirts 😛

Underneath an RB26 POWERHOUSE!

Then there was this thing sitting at the back. Tom’s LS1 powered S15. Whilst the build time on this s15 is questionable. Tom has recently had a spark of motivation which has seen it come a long way! Check out how huge those Porsche brakes are!