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VIDEO: Drifting In Japan

What is up gang?

Its not often you can just cruise on down to your local J land and just go film some streeto, So when that exactly happened on our trip in Japan. I WAS STOKED. But wait things are about to go off the STOKED SCALE.

Shane and Erin from K- Tours took us down to a local meet up on a Friday night at a Lawsons Convenience store. The vast range of dope cars about was awesome and to hear that we were going to be watching them drift later was even more doper.
Sure enough the drifting begun and as myself and Casey got our film on, I experienced the best conversation with Shane ever! “Do you want to get in car and get some footage from in there?”. Ahhh fuck yes i do brosef. So as i was giving the finger to Casey to show him whose boss i changed to a wide angle on thee ole 60D and sat down and strapped in with one of the MCR drivers. He didn’t speak a lot of English, but who needs conversation when this is the view.

Now unfortunately you are going to have to wait till the end of the year to see all the awesome footage we got.

But fortunately brosef Casey D from shirtstuckedin has uploaded this footage from the night.

Hope you enjoy! Keep an eye on Wreck ‘Em as we slowly give you updates about this years DVD!


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Unofficial S.A Premiere Party!!

Local South Australian drift head Dan Hollands held a “Premiere/party” at his house Friday night for an unofficial Oh One Oh S.A launch.
Over 40 people turned up and all had a ball! Heres some pictures from the night! Thanks Dan and everyone that went for showing your support for Wreck ‘Em and house parties!!

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Update-Comp News!!

Hey everyone,

Things have been busy here. Thank you to everyone who has ordered a DVD to date you guys are awesome! We still have plenty available so get your orders through.

For those not in the know, there has been some massive floods up here (worst in 40 years). We post out orders the day after they have been placed but due to these floods there
may be delays within Australia Post which we cannot help. 🙁

Now for those that have ordered the DVD, you have the chance to win the Wreck Em Oh One Oh deck (pictured here hanging on my wall) All you have to do is take a picture of the DVD
and upload it to the Wreck Em facebook page
Now heres the tricky part. The picture which is the most unique will win! It could be a picture of the dvd with your car/nice location/Girlfriends Boobs, what ever you think it will take to win the deck!


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The Premiere Low Down!!

Well it is a few days late. But I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out!
The turn out exceeded well and truly beyond my expectations, with DVDs being sold out before the movie had even started!!
I am not too good with words so these pictures will paint a better portrait of the night! Once again thanks to JDM Garage and Moonah Auto Salvage
as well as all those who helped out! Wreck ‘Em has massive plans for 2011 with tickets to Japan already being booked…

Continue reading The Premiere Low Down!!

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First time skids and Update??

Hey everyone. Here is a video of me skidding my friend James Trueno. Massive thanks goes to him for letting me skid it and to all the fellas who helped me out/gave me tips.

Now for the UPDATES!!

It is highly likely we will be getting the dvds this week. Its very possible for a premiere being held very soon (next week maybe?) Which means DVD’s will be available next week!