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Biters, Bandwagons and the Car Complex

Going on from my KDR article, Misinterpretation keeps things interesting, the clashing force of two different perspectives meeting at an airport lounge the trip doesn’t end only the journey continues.

Misinterpretation happens in everyday life even in a setting where ones 5 senses are in full effect (outside of your computer). So is it surprising misinterpretation happens on the internet? It shouldn’t be but amazingly in 2013 it is or at least it would be surprising if the user was even aware of this occurring. Two sides to every story; Every one knows the saying but how many practice the concept? In my experience not many… if any (lolscribe) You see the world we live in today is so ingrained with materialistic needs that people dont even try to appear human.

“What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things”- Zelda Fitzgerald

Dont lie to yourself its 100 percent fact that the majority of the drift scene right now are focusing on the materialistic. 100 PERECENT FACT! You know it, I know it, fuck even Ian from raceline has to know it Maybe not that far. Cars are a materialistic object, people get this WACK AS FUCK idea that owning a product anyone can buy sets them apart to their fellow man. THATS THE WRONG NUMBER and if thats your outlook on life you’re gonna have a baddddd timeeeeeee. Men like women (some don’t), what idea is sold to you from an early onset in regards to cars, men & women? Own a cool car get the hot girl 😉 Everyone chuckles this statement off without a hint of seriousness and on a face value it appears no one actually believes buying a cool car gets them the bitches.

Go deeper but, we all know someone who has tickets on themselves because of a materialistic object they bought and why else would advertisers attack the market this way if the B.S wasn’t being bought? We have all at one stage in our life felt a bit more breezier about ourselves after rocking a fresh outfit/kicks/new camera set up/bodykits from zeus etc. With that breezy feeling comes a sense of entitlement “Hey I got a new do son, you cant touch this”. Go deeper, dont lie to yourself! Why the sense of entitlement? Theres probably thousands of reasons and hundreds that are more scientifically proven but what I am about to say is my mere opinion. In life what does all anyone want? To love and be loved. What you are sold at all angles through out your life is “You wanna be loved, you’re gonna wanna drive this hot car or she wont look at you, wear these clothes otherwise your not hip enough to talk to these people, oh you lack social skills you are a weirdo and do not belong in this posse” I feel thats a pretty good kicker in finding the answer to my question of “Why the sense of entitlement”? Before I answer for you lets continue on before rounding off with the above!

Picking up what I just put down hopefully a few of your brains just clicked and the picture became clear with regards to whats happening in drifting. Is it wrong to say there is massive conflict within the scene? Let me break it down.

  • You have “Pro A” dudes whose soul ambition is to be number 1 not giving a fuck about anyone acting like a buster (These dudes normally have the worst opinion as they have what they call Closed-a-mindus) for future reference we will call them Gimps

    You have “Pro B” dudes who understand drifting and try rock it out in the competition format because thats what they dig (Most of the time real rad dudes) for future reference we will call them legits

    You have “Pro C” dudes who are new to the scene and subsequently think drifting is all about attacking it in a “Race Driver” mind set (these guys can go either way pending on who they take guidance from) for future reference we will call these dudes fillers

    You have “G-Roots 1” dudes whose soul goal is for the internet props (These guys can’t go drifting because “fitments not right” normally see them do 1 prac day poorly then spend the rest of the time updating their build thread/telling others what to do) —– Gimps

    You have “G-Roots Gee” dudes who love drifting for what it is and get down their own way (These guys drift lots, range from having dope looking cars to hideous abominations, can have a laugh and joke at one another without taking it too serious) —— Legits

What I have done there is summarise the entire drift scene using the drivers of the sport. But i am definitely not limiting these attitudes to drivers only, it runs rampant through out the entire scene. “Media dudes, event organisers, drivers, fans of the sport” they’re all a part of it and they all have equal in put. Drivers are the face and drive of the sport but the sport does not roll without the other.

Whats the general consensus in drifting? Pro dudes have high cars and no style/personality and grassroots dudes are tight jeaned hipsters that whinge.

How has this come about when the sport is about promoting originality through pushing your style to the max? Isn’t it possible for both to co-exist without the angst towards one another? Fucking oath its possible and its easily employed! Drifters need to learn but not to lie to themselves with labels. I know rad Pro dudes and i know gimp grassrooters and the situation is just as easily reversed. As explained in the above summary both categories of drivers have dudes in it for drifting as well as bandwagoners it is not limited to Pro or Grassroots but its across the board. So taking that bit of fruit and sticking it in your pie lets stop making the big outlandish accusations of “Grassroots dudes always do this, Pro’s always do that” because its not limited to one or the other so quit with that shit motherfucker. (had to add so it rhymed)

Style, easy to bite hard to innovate. Skill, hard to come across easy to practice. Drifters need to learn what they are critiquing each other on. Right now people are focused on the material misinterpretation “Rotas suckkkk”. Guess what? THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DRIFTING, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THAT DUMB B.S How you rock Rotas on the other hand?….
Drifters should only discuss 2 categories when critiquing about a fellow drifter. Style, Skill.
You have the Style = Word, work on building up your skill brother
You have the Skill = Word you’re shredding but fuck your car looks terrible
You have the Style & The Skill= Word Nakamura!

Nas gave you the heads up with ““No ideas original theres nothing new under the sun its not what you do but how its done”” Everyone can go buy big 18″ Works or 14″ Hoshinos and fit them to their car. But can you rock out in a way that hasn’t been done before? I see people push the envelope all the time, some times it gets acknowledged but being honest majority of the time it gets swept under the rug. You see this misinterpretation hasn’t been tackled head on before by anyone so no one wants to admit or knows what the actual fuck is up.

Media dudes/Event organisiers you are KILLING THEM SOFTLY with your over zealous use of vocabulary trying to hype up a non hyped situation. The amount of times I read a bloglyfs run down of the event i was just at, I am shocked at how poorly they portray the actual event and how much dick they have in their mouth. No that dude wasn’t “epic looking 350z, baking it up all day” call it how it is, he fucking sucked with his handbrake entries. This just reflects how much part this “misinterpretation web” has in ruining the substance of a drift scene.

You need characters, you need the big loud and proud bogan (Vaughn JR) the hipster stylecat (Matt Powers) the og style (Forrest Wang) but people need to be able to recognaise and praise accordingly. Notice how i didn’t use Australian drivers to make the correlation? Because who in Australia is a character? I certainly know of a few, but could i give you examples of them being one? Not really because the way drifting media/events are hyped they all wanna focus on the golden child and try push him through to the top of the class, yet they dont understand if you zoom out you can fit everyone in the portrait.

So rounding off this doozy i bring you back to the original question. Why the sense of entitlement? Why is it in drifting that some dudes get that chip on the shoulder? Its Biters, Bandwagons and the Car complex. (remember the drifter attitude key i spoke about earlier) Biters (gimps) get the props of someone elses original work, the original workee (legits) gets pissed off at the biters, gimps run legits the wrong way because they are at the front of this sport doing the promoting giving everyone the wrong message. Fillers back up the gimps so they think they are legits and the cycle continues.

Dont mistake my honesty for negativity. I felt that needed to be stated because at Wreck ‘Em we have started to up the anti, making our thoughts a bit more public but dont get it twisted we’re more positive than ever!
– Much love Mez 😀

P.S That was just some straight WORDSMITHERY going on there so i feel the need to hit you with some random pics to bring the brain back into chill mode. Heres random photos i took on my phone when drinking with fellow goons, enjoy!

This is my mate Kingy, we found Deeks skyline in the Crown Carpark so kingy thought he would get nuts…

This is Kris and some random “That time of the month” lover in Stanthorpe

Qld bro’s repping the 3FN, cant really remember why, but i remember that party had beer that tasted like Passionfruit, nice one granger!

More Qld bros, this is Tayno displaying perfect “Shakas Bra” technique! Former Custard God Jish repping the french version “Leh Shakurs”

Not sure if I should be posting this, but this is our main man Aek on the deck! Aek looks after us with Etnies goodness. This photo gets me every time haha

Got that sweet grams underexposure for this one of my man Casey from shirtstuckedin!

Stewy, Jwaz and Biggie winton matsuri loife

Jono and Tommy D. Hit N Run brothers shakka-ing the new year in!

Lol Woods & Nat look super worried for some reason, Tj on the other hand… Pure Stoked

SM himself vashcat #vagcat

And we will finish with this one of the other half of Wreck ‘Em GINGA!…. Passed out in a cab on the way home hahaha

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